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Sientra Form Stable Gel Implant

Sientra Form Stable Gel Implant

This video shows how remarkably cohesive the new Sientra implants are. Even when the high-strength gel is displaced under pressure, it retains its shape and does not leak.

Dr. Stevens Discusses Gummy Bears

Dr. Stevens Discusses
“Gummy Bears”

In a recent appearance on ABC’s Nightline, Dr. Grant Stevens explains why a growing number of his patients prefer the new cohesive-silicone-gel “gummy bear” breast implants. He says many women report that they look and feel more natural.

Teresita's Foreign Implants

Teresita’s Foreign Implants

When Teresita traveled to her native Venezuela from Los Angeles for breast augmentation surgery, little did she know the risk she was taking. After her return to Los Angeles, her breast implants, which were not FDA approved, began leaking, causing a serious health risk. Watch as Dr. Stevens explains what went wrong and urges women with implants not approved by the FDA to have them removed.
As seen on: KABC-TV Channel 7

Erica's Gummy Bear Implants

Erica’s Gummy Bear Implants

After pregnancy, Erica’s breasts shrank to an A cup and began to sag. To restore her breast volume Erica chose cohesive-gel gummy bear implants. Watch this video to hear her story and to see Dr. Stevens highlight some of the reasons gummy bear breast implants are so popular with Los Angeles and Beverly Hills women.
As seen on KCAL 9 News

Christy's Mommy Makeover

Christy’s Mommy Makeover

After wanting a breast augmentation for over 20 years, and after rearing 3 children, 44-year old Christy Carleton finally thought the time was right to enhance her figure. In addition, Christy opted for a tummy tuck and liposuction to remove inches of unwanted skin after she worked hard to lose the weight of her childbearing years. As a finishing touch, Christy had a ThermaCool Face Lift to complete her Mommy Makeover.
As seen on: Discovery Health Channel

Melanie's Gummy Bears

Melanie’s Gummy Bears

After breastfeeding her son, Melanie’s bust went from a B cup to less than an A cup – a look she described as “deflated.”

To improve her figure, Melanie selected the safe, natural looking, gummy bear breast implants from Dr. Stevens.
Channel 7 Special Assignment: True to the Touch

Charlie, Director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates

Dr. Stevens on Entertainment Tonight

Dr. Stevens discusses the ThermaCool Facelift, breast augmentation without implants using the Laser Bra, and the new gummy bear breast implants.

Charlie Sheridan, director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, was one of the first people to receive gummy bear breast implants in Southern California. As seen on: Entertainment Tonight