Patient Stories

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Not Your Basic Housewife Anymore

“I’m just your basic Midwestern housewife,” Andrea says. Then she pauses. “Well, maybe not so basic anymore.” After mommy makeover plastic surgery – breast augmentation, liposculpture and a tummy tuck – in Los Angeles with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, people Andrea barely knows stop her and say, “Oh my gosh, you look great! What did you do?”

An Extraordinary Life by Design

In some ways, Patty is not a typical plastic surgery patient. For one thing, she let herself be influenced by what others might think for three years before getting serious about breast implant surgery. But after finally deciding to put her figure in the hands of Dr. Grant Stevens, Patty now says she’s living “an extraordinary life by design.”

“I couldn’t be happier, and I attract happy people to me”…

From Decision to Recovery: A Conversation with Natalie

Natalie is a member of the Marina Plastic Surgery team. She’s Assistant to Director Charlie Sheridan, and she also acts as a Patient Advocate and Patient Coordinator.

Natalie had a breast augmentation and breast lift with the Stevens Laser Bra by Dr. Stevens at the tail end of 2006. Given her passion for working with patients, she’s eager to share some of her experiences with you….

Gummy Bears for Eva’s Big Day

What do you do when you’re planning the wedding of your dreams and you’ve found the perfect wedding dress, but you don’t quite fill it out?

Eva said she wanted to start married life being very happy with her shape, and that perfect wedding dress was the final push she needed to move forward with surgery. “I wanted to look great for my wedding”….

Christy’s Perfect Breasts

“After two years I am still excited with the results. I feel very beautiful.”

“Breasts are so significant in our culture,” Christy Carlton said, “in fact in any culture. Breasts are about nurturing; they give love and life. My breasts are central to my feelings about being a woman…”