• myth: gummy bear implants require larger incisions.

    truth: we can use the same incisions as other gel implants, including periareolar.

  • myth: breast augmentation with gummy bears is more expensive.

    truth: if safety & longevity are factors, gummy bears, in theory, could prove much more cost effective.

  • myth: gummy bears are much firmer than other implants.

    truth: in blind tests, most plastic surgeons couldn't differentiate Sientra from other gel implants.

Get the Facts on Gummy Bear Breast Implants

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When something new and exciting happens in the realm of breast enhancement – like the FDA approval of gummy bear breast implants – the media contacts Marina Plastic Surgery. Dr. Stevens is regularly featured in print, TV and other media for his expertise and experience with leading-edge breast surgery techniques and the latest implant options.

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