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Charlie gets you on your way to creating the perfect breasts. Dr. Stevens is the man with the magic hands. After two years I am still excited with the results. I feel very beautiful.

– Christy

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Dr. Stevens and Charlie,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave me when I had surgery in November. I also appreciate your generosity when I had no one to take care of me immediately after surgery. The care facility was great! I talked about having breast implants for 10 years or more but was always apprehensive since I did not have a doctor I could trust. My friend Sally told me “Dr. Stevens was the best” so I finally made the appointment. When I met you both, you made me feel so comfortable I had no doubt in my mind that this was the right decision. Dr. Stevens, you ARE the best and you have a way about you that made me feel so at ease and safe and I thank you for that!!! I love my new “gummy bears” and am glad I chose them over saline. Dr. Stevens, I will highly recommend you to anyone that is considering surgery. Thank you so much for making this decision so easy for me and for the special care I felt from you and your staff.

– Diane

I came in to see Dr. Stevens for re-constructive breast surgery as I had a double bubble on my left breast & intense pain in my right breast that I had been enduring for 14 years. I had silicon-gel implants and was not sure if the pain was caused by a leak. I did not want to get silicone-gel replacements because of the fear that they would leak & I did not want saline either as I have seen the rippling effect that may occur with them. I decided on the new “gummies” and boy am I glad I did. Dr. Stevens was able to fix the double bubble on my left side & now I am pain free. The gummies are very natural feeling & are the picture of perfection! This has been the most positive experience & best move I have made. I wish that I would not have waited 14 years to do the replacement.

Thank you Dr. Stevens.

– Anne B.

I am thrilled with my new gummie implants. I had been considering breast implants for several years, and waited a long time for several reasons. Mainly, I wanted to make sure the procedure was safe, that I would look natural, and that I found the absolute best doctor to perform the procedure. After doing a lot of research, I am happy that I waited to get the gummies and feel fortunate to have found you through my friend’s referral. I had also heard about you through a surgeon’s office in England.

I had a terrific experience under your care. I was very nervous to have surgery performed. Your nurses and staff were knowledgeable and caring, and assuaged my concerns. From Charlie, who shared with me her personal experience, to Patrice, who helped me with all the necessary arrangement before the surgery and was with me after the surgery, and the rest of the gals in the office.

I was surprised at how little pain I experienced and how minimal was my bruising post surgery, considering what some of my friends had experienced (under the care of other surgeons). I know that this is directly related to the skill of the doctor, and I’m relieved to have felt as little pain. My scar is hardly noticeable (3 months post-op).

My breasts are absolutely beautiful! You helped me to choose the perfect size and shape for my small frame, which look very natural and make my body more proportionate. You are an incredibly talented surgeon (and artist!). I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with them.

I made the right decisions going with the gummies. I have very body fat and natural breast tissue, and the gummies feel like they are already a part of me. Best of all, they look and feel amazingly real. My friends who have saline implants are envious, and one is considering replacing hers with gummies.

I would refer you to any of my friends who chose to have breast surgery. You are absolutely the best! Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website. Also, If you have any patients who are considering thesurgery and would like to speak with a patient, I’d be more than happy to relay my personal experience.

Warmest regards,
– Suzanne S.

Charlie! I can not believe what a change having boobs has made in my life. I’m not the “cute one” anymore, I’m the HOT one! 🙂 My gummies are fabulous and I love, love, love them!! Somebody stop me! 🙂 Thanks to you and Dr. Stevens for fabulous work.

– Sally D

Dear Doctor Stevens,

I just want to say thank you for enhancing my life.

Three months after the surgery I feel wonderful. The cohesive gel implants were a great choice for me. They feel very soft and my breasts look extremely natural.

Doc, I can’t thank you enough. You and your staff have made me a new woman.

I’m thrilled with my results.

Thank you. Thank you.

– T.M

Good morning Dr. Stevens.

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks to you, for two years following my enhancement, I am still so very very happy with your work. I remember intrusting you with the sizing, for I was teetering between a B-C cup, and didn’t want to go too big for my body type. I have to tell you that you were just RIGHT ON, and people are usually surprised if I reveal to them that they are implants. Everyone compliments that they are so well proportioned to my body – and that really pleases me. Thank you again for the wonderful work, and I constantly refer you to people who are interested in implants.

Actually, I work with a woman who is interested in a lift, and I have given her your contact information, so hopefully she will get in to see you for a consultation. This simply reminded me of how happy I am with my procedure, and wanted to take the opportunity to pass along a message to you of THANKS.


– Lori V.

This man is amazing!! Along with his team, from his amazingly friendly office staff, Patrice, Charlie, Sally….to Dr. Holloway (anesthesia), Dr. Cohen, everyone one in the operating room…..made my surgery (breast aug.) a dream. I believe from the bottom of my heart I had the BEST plastic surgeon in the world!! I will definitely DEFINITELY be going back for future “improvements” on my body.

– Macrina