Striving for a Natural Look

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Don’t be fooled by the cute nickname; when you choose gummy bear breast implants for your breast augmentation in Los Angeles, your new curves can be as alluring and sexy as you want. With skilled surgeons and the best available implant options, Marina Plastic Surgery patients get beautiful breasts that rival Mother Nature’s work.

If you live in or around Los Angeles and breast augmentation is something you’re considering, Dr. Stevens can answer all of your questions. Receive a FREE consultation with one of our surgeons when you request your appointment online and schedule during select times they have set aside exclusively for Web visitors.

Sensuous, not Obvious

When you see before and after photos of Dr. Stevens’ actual patients, you’ll notice how natural the women look. You may wonder how the physicians consistently achieve such results – it’s all in the surgical technique.

In an often-cited article by Dr. Stevens published in an online cosmetic surgery magazine, he describes how “an excellent breast augmentation” differs from an obvious-looking “boob job.” Dr. Stevens notes that the breasts most women want look nothing like two round rubber balls on a board. Instead, they have natural-looking fullness, the skin slopes gently and gradually away from the chest wall, the cleavage looks normal and there’s a certain amount of perkiness.

To achieve this ideal, Dr. Stevens places breast implants under the chest muscle to create that natural, sloping chest profile. They most often use an inframammary or periareolar incision which allows good access for creating the breast pocket. And they work with their patients to choose implant size, texture and filling that will yield the best result for the individual. The Sientra® Silimed-brand implants are the only gummy bears that come in a round as well as anatomical shape.

Vectra 3-D Imaging

Great Surgeon, Great Outcome

Marina Del Rey Breast Implants

The single most important thing you can do to ensure a natural looking surgical outcome, a pleasant experience and your continued health and safety is to research and choose your doctor carefully. Did you know that no special training is required before a doctor can offer cosmetic surgery? Gynecologists, dermatologists and other doctors who have not completed plastic surgery residencies or rigorous plastic surgery certification processes offer saline and silicone gel breast implants, often with widely varying results.

Dr. Stevens is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only organization authorized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to certify plastic surgeons as fully trained and prepared to perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures from head to toe. Furthermore, a surgeon must be board-certified to offer Sientra – the original gummy bear.

You should also make sure that your surgeon devotes a significant amount of energy to continuing education and contributing to the advancement of the field. For example, Dr. Stevens is:

  • A clinical professor of surgery at the University of Southern California Division of Plastic Surgery
  • The Director of the USC Marina del Rey Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship
  • On the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  • A traveling professor appointed by the ASAPS to teach residents and other doctors
  • On the editorial staff of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Dr. Stevens has also authored countless peer-reviewed studies and journal articles, given numerous presentations, led national and international symposia and made too many media appearances to list. His time and expertise is in demand by his peers and the public, but his first priority is his patients.

Plan for an Effective Consultation

The consultation is your opportunity to evaluate whether or not a surgeon is the right one for you. During your time in his or her office, observe the approach the doctor takes with you. Do they listen to you carefully and consider your needs as an individual, or do you get the feeling they’ve heard it all before? Do they take careful measurements and assess various aspects of your body and health before giving you tailored recommendations, or do you get cookie-cutter treatment?

When you meet Dr. Stevens, you’ll discover that he has a rare ability. He takes the experience he’s gained from literally thousands of breast implant surgeries and uses that background to create a surgical plan designed just for you, one that’s as unique as your own body. That’s why his patients are not only satisfied with his results, but pleased with the overall experience as well. Ask to see before and after photos and talk to some patients yourself. You’ll see why many feel so strongly connected to the practice, and become what we call Patients for Life™.

You’re likely to find your perfect fit at Marina Plastic Surgery.