Extra-Large Implants

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Snowflakes, diamonds and human beings – we’re all unique. And just as some women look and feel best with moderate curves, others feel compelled to seek a more voluptuous figure. Some women feel the self they know well on the inside is best expressed on the outside with a very curvy shape.

If you are considering extra-large breast implants in Los Angeles, Dr. Stevens is happy to talk to you about it. In working with thousands of women seeking to make a change in their shape, the surgeons know that for some, bigger is better.

At Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, breast implants come in all shapes and sizes. Come in to talk with one of our surgeons and receive a free consultation at select times when you request online. You’ll soon see that our physicians have the expertise and concern for your well-being to help you make the right choices for your body.

Sizing You Up: Are Extra-Large Breast Implants for You?

breast implants Marina Del Rey

In your consultation, Dr. Stevens will examine you carefully. They’ll take measurements and evaluate your overall frame, chest dimensions, existing breast tissue and skin tone. All these factors influence how big you can go and still look natural, and they play a part in whether you might experience complications down the road related to extra-large breast implants. Your surgeon will discuss these considerations with you honestly.

If you and your physician agree that extra-large gummy bear breast implants are an option for you, this is a great time to choose them. The fifth-generation, form-stable, Sientra® implants and the Natrelle® 410s – and others our surgeons can offer as part of a clinical trial – look and feel much like natural breast tissue. Our doctors are among a select few in the country who can choose from different silicone gel breast implants that will create breasts as large as size DDD. This can mean implants from 600 to 1000 cc’s.

What’s more, through advanced breast augmentation techniques, extra-large gummy bears can look like they’ve been yours all along. Dr. Stevens uses incisions around the areola or underneath the breast, either site allowing him excellent access inside the breasts for creating the pockets and ensuring the breast implants fit just right. He strongly favors placing implants under the muscle, which creates that gentle, natural-looking slope along the top of the chest wall.

If you’re considering silicone breast implants, your consultation is all-important. That’s when you’ll learn about your options and have the time and information available to make the right choice. And especially if you’re considering extra-large implants, your choice of surgeon is that much more important.